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Incomm was founded by Dr. Allen Konopacki over 30 years ago to help companies maximize their participation at trade shows and sales representatives unlock the potential that exhibiting has to offer.
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Scott Korzen

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Herbert Nestler

Mr. Scott Korzen is a professional communication facilitator and sales trainer. He offers insights, tips and ideas to enhance the effectiveness of working exhibits and the ability to produce higher quality leads and interaction. More than just a 'pep talk' his motivational program delivers fresh new sales strategies and ideas that the booth personnel can use immediately on the show floor. His enthusiasm becomes infectious for both novices and seasoned sales professionals as they discover the winning methods for maximizing their effectiveness on the show floor. Korzen's entertaining and motivational program coaches booth personnel for success with a clear message on how to take full advantage of a show's opportunities.

Munich-based Herb Nestler has personally organized meetings and trade shows in over 27 countries. Herb lived in Chicago where he became a manager for Westinghouse Broadcasting but soon turned his communications expertise to company and association meetings and trade shows. His international experience broadened when he became division manager for meetings at the world's most prestigious community service organization, Rotary International. Nestler conducts several different programs in Europe, including effective trade show selling, communicating in an intercultural business environment, and leadership styles and skills.


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